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The Benefits of Trading in Your Vehicle

If you’re considering buying a new vehicle, one of the choices you need to make is whether or not you should trade in your existing car, truck, or SUV. Here at Ashland Ford Chrysler, we think it’s a great idea to trade in your vehicle. There are many benefits to a trade-in that make it simpler to drive away in your new vehicle. Here are a few.

Value Your Trade

Reasons to Trade-In

It’s Faster than Selling Privately

When you sell your vehicle privately, you usually have to list it on multiple websites, make time for test drives and answering questions, and more. Things can get time consuming quickly when selling on the private market. Trading in your vehicle is quick. The dealership buys the car from you and takes care of the selling process from there.

The Financials Can Be Complicated

It’s pretty common to still owe money on your existing vehicle when you’re ready to buy a new one. If you decide to sell the car you own privately instead of trading it in, you’ll need to work with the bank to determine a payoff amount and work out other aspects of transferring ownership. When you trade in your vehicle, the dealership handles that for you.

You’ll Get Behind the Wheel of the Car You Want

You can trade in your car and get on the road in a new vehicle the same day in most cases. You’ll simply leave your car on our lot after appraisal and offer! This takes away the time it would take to sell on the private market, meaning the car you love is less likely to sell and end up in someone else’s driveway.

If you’re ready to trade in your vehicle, call 715-682-8400 or stop by our lot in Ashland, WI. You can also fill out our quick appraisal form on our website.