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Getting the Most Out of Your Test Drive

Getting the Most Out of Your Test Drive!

Most people look forward to test driving their next vehicle. Ashland Ford Chrysler encourages our customers to test drive as many vehicles as they want when choosing their next car, truck, or SUV. We keep a wide selection of vehicles on our lot in Ashland, so we’ll be able to help you compare vehicles in your price range so you’re sure to get the right one for you.

Here are some ways to ensure that you get the most out of your test drive:

Take Some (Smart) Risks

You won’t be driving your vehicle on empty roads daily. It’s important to not just cruise down empty streets during your test drive. Drive during rush hour, try to parallel park, and make a quick stop. Do all of this within reason and remain safe, but be sure to step outside of your comfort zone to see how you feel in the vehicle.

Examine the Full Space

The test drive is a great time to check out other aspects of the vehicle, such as the console, the cargo space, and the passenger space. All of these things will be vital to how comfortable you are in your vehicle. Bring things that will need to go into the vehicle, such as car seats, and the people who ride with you often to make sure every aspect of the new car works for you.

Reenact Your Daily Commute

Take a vehicle out on the roads you drive at the times you drive. This way, you’ll get a real feel for how you will like the vehicle in your everyday life. You want to feel the vehicle on the roads and in the conditions that you’ll be driving in the most. We can help schedule your test drive to make this happen!

Test Drive More Than One Vehicle

As we mentioned above, we would love for our customers to test drive more than one vehicle before making a decision. Even if you love the first vehicle you test drive, you can reinforce your decision by driving a few others. If you don’t know what’s out there, how can you be sure you’ve chosen the right one?

If you’re ready to take some vehicles on test drives at Ashland Ford Chrysler, contact us today by calling 715-682-8400 or simply stop by our lot!