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Caring for Your Vehicle’s Battery

Caring for your battery should be made a priority to keep the overall health in a good standing. Not only is your battery vital to turning on your vehicle, but it provides the power to all electrical systems. As you can see it is one of the most important components in your car.

Batteries need to be replaced at some point but when is the right time? Typically, batteries stay in good condition for about three to five years. However, it all comes down to the type of battery your vehicle carries, your driving habits, and the care it has received. To expand the lifespan of the battery, it’s recommended to perform regular care.

Our service specialists at Ashland Ford Chrysler have put together tips you can perform at home to care for your battery.

  • To remove the battery, begin by removing the negative clamp, following with the positive clamp.
  • With proper car care solution clean the cables surrounding and the battery to remove any debris, dirt, or grease.
  • If your battery requires fluid (electrolyte), check the levels and add the amount needed.
  • With an automatic battery charger, charge the battery to its full capacity. These automatic battery chargers will let you know when it is safe to unplug and fully charged.
  • Tightly secure the battery back in place.

Ashland Ford Chrysler specialists recommend getting your battery inspected by professionals at least once a year to test the overall connection and power it has. Having this yearly inspection can influence the batteries health.

Every season is different. Therefore, different damages can be caused to the battery. When the season changes make sure to perform the steps above and check your vehicle’s owner’s manual or contact us for season care tips.

To extend the life of your battery, try following these daily tips.


Always turn off headlights or any other lights.


Avoid using any electrical systems such as the radio, AC, heater, or chargers when the engine isn’t running.


Drive longer distances to keep the battery running for longer periods of time.


Bring your vehicle in for regular maintenance at our service center in Ashland.

Our service department at Ashland has all the tools and experience to perform any repairs your car needs. We would love to help you maintain the health of your vehicle. Schedule online or call us at 715-682-8400 to set up an appointment.