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Ashland Ford Chrysler Business Department
Products & Services

In addition to financing options, the Ashland Ford Chrysler Business Department offers a broad array of products and services. Listed below are several of our most popular services. Click the boxes below to learn more!



The most basic function of the Ashland Ford Chrysler Business Department is to offer the best financing to our customers. Our goal with every customer is to find them the right financing for their situation. At the Ashland Ford Chrysler Business Department, you're more than a credit score. You're a person.

GAP Insurance:

GAP insurance covers the amount on a loan that is the difference between the vehicle's value and the amount covered by another insurance policy. The benefit of this coverage is if the vehicle's value is less than the amount of the loan balance, it covers the remaining balance of your loan. For more information, give our business manager, Jon Moore, a call today!

Service Contracts:

An "extended warranty" is a vehicle service contract offered by a new car dealer to "wrap" the new car warranty and extend beyond it. The benefit of a service contract is the peace of mind in knowing your new vehicle repairs are covered.



Tire & Wheel Coverage:

Tire and wheel coverage will repair or replace tirs and wheels if they are damaged or destroyed by road hazards such as:



Maintenance Plans:

When a consumer buys a new or used car from a dealer, they might be offered a maintenance plan. This is not the same as an extended warranty or an extended service contract. These plans cover, for a specific amount of time or mileage, the scheduled maintenance spelled out in the vehicle owner's manual.

Surface Protection :

Ultimar offers products designs to protect your vehicle's surface.

Ultimar Products Protect:
Exterior Paint
Interior Surfaces
Alloy Wheels
Dent Protection


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